The original text message

I've been pouring through old letters and family photos this last week. I'm surprised how much was saved over the decades. I love old letters. I'm as big a fan of email as the next technophile, but there is something so essential and grounding about getting it down on paper. I also love the different incarnations of note cards, letter head, stamps and stationary. The following postcard was written to my grandfather, Colonel Richard Lambie, by his mother. The two of them are also pictured below.

My great grandmother received the following telegram in January of 1946. The odd thing is, that the soldier named is not her son. As far as I can tell, she received this telegram as a mistake. Weird, eh?

Here is Richard with his wife, my grandmother. Aren't they a sharp looking pair?

Here are some more beautiful images of old letters, envelopes and the like. Not mine, but found on various historical sites and such.


I'm always trying to find ways to include old letters and handwritten text around the house. Here are a few ideas. I especially love the curtain. Can't remember where I found this image.