Macaroons are for Lovers

I know you're wondering, "Gosh, I wonder what I should get Sarah from La Maison Boheme for Valentine's Day?" Well, I'm here to help. No one needs to wander, alone in the dark, looking for the perfect Valentine confection. Here it is: Macaroons from famous French patisserie, Laduree. Laduree is so magical and wondrous that they were commissioned to make all the pastries for Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. Isn't that rad? Their macaroons are world famous and rightfully so. Once, I was staying with a friend and I saw that he had a small box of these delights in his fridge. He had recently been to Paris. I knew immediately what they were. I opened the box and without hesitation stole one. It was a minty green color and the coconut filling, while subtle was to die for. I almost cried - not because of my petty theft, but because of the exquisite deliciousness of this magical cookie. Here they are.

This is the Paris store front.

And this is one of Laduree's sitting rooms where you can enjoy your French macaroons with tea or champagne. I know, me too - I just wet my pants.