Lavender, purple, eggplant and more.

Like most people in the process of designing a new home, I am constantly collecting gorgeous photos that speak to me. If I love it, I grab it for future reference. I don't judge it or mull it over or wonder "where in the world would I do something like this?" Even if I know that the photo has no bearing on my lifestyle or my family home - if it catches my eye and makes me feel all gooey inside, then it goes in the dream folder. Then, when I go back and look at them, I notice certain patterns emerge. This week, I noticed that I am really gravitating towards purples. This is something I would not have known if I hadn't been collecting and ferreting photos. So, maybe I need some dusky lavender accents to go in that gray-brown living room I'm fixing up?

Check out this lavender ceiling! Love it!