"Cockeyed Cathy" - A Birthday Tribute

Someone has a birthday today. And its not just any birthday, it is the birthday. Our birthday girl is actress-goddess-blogstress (say that three times fast), Jenny, from the kick-ass blog My Favorite and My Best. If for some reason this is your first time ever on the internet and you don't know about My Favorite and My Best, don't even bother reading the rest of this post - go directly to her blog and see why Jenny is the Decor Blog Queen. She throws down some crazy awesome sassy stuff and you don't want to miss a moment of it! Our birthday girl has not always been the trash-talking blog queen that we know, adore and worship. She was once "Cockeyed Cathy", a seemingly half witted flight attendant who saved lives. She was a hero, people. A HERO! Here is a long lost photo of Cathy below:

So I want to wish Jenny a very happy birthday, but I also want to thank her for her limited run as "Cockeyed Cathy". The crews you worked with and the passengers whose lives you touched will forever owe you a debt of gratitude. Happy birthday, sugar. Hope its a good one!

PS - Thank you to Mike for the archival materials. You're a peach!