Brown Butter Cookie Company

While in the small seaside village of Cayucos, CA this week my mother and I happened upon a cookie shop. We never pass a bakery without looking and sampling so we headed inside for a closer look. The lovely ladies of the Brown Butter Cookie Company are my new favorite people. I know this sounds crazy, but if everyone in the world could enjoy one of their signature brown butter sea salt cookies, we might achieve world peace. I'm not kidding around people. These little baked dough balls are the bomb! Here is their retail space on Main Street in Cayucos, CA. If you aren't in a position to make a pilgrimage to this sacred cookie temple, you can order off their website.

Here are the peace-makers and their dough rolling operation. Every cookie is made by hand and last year these ladies rolled over 75,000 cookies. I would have also posted a photo of the cookies I bought, but I ate them as fast as I could.