Corner Office

For those of you who don't know, I moved into a new home at the end of September. I've been slowly working on the bedrooms and common areas, but my office is turning out to be the last frontier. Recently, this is how most of my conversations with my husband go:

Husband: Hey Sarah, where are we putting these?
Me: Uh - I don't know.
Husband: And what about these other things? Do they have a place?
Me: Yeah - I'm not sure.
Husband: Well, where do you want me to put them for now?
Me: How about the office?

Luckily, this week was a turning point. I am starting to push through the sludge and clean up the office! My computer was replaced on Tuesday and I'd like to have a comfy and organized place for her to land. Here are a few detail snap shots of my office today. More to come!