In Love With Dummerston

I've just returned from a most magical tour of New England. Among my favorite spots was Dummerston, Vermont. My husband took me to Dummerston to see the resting place of his grandparents, Walker and Ruth. Walker, for whom my son is named, was the rector at the Congregationalist Church in Dummerston from the late 1940's through the 1950's. He and Ruth retired there in the late 60's to a beautiful white home complete with brown barn and mountain view. While driving along Route 5 we ran into a produce stand filled to the brim with blue berries, apple pies, honey, syrups and other Vermont delights. Check out the name... we just had to stop! P.S. The photos below are not my own. While visiting family in Maine, my beloved camera was accidentally dropped in the ocean by my sister-in-law. (Don't worry, Maura... we'll find a new one!) So I borrowed these place-holder photos from various Vermont lovers on Flickr until I can retrieve my own.

And below is a photo of Walker's church.